An Elegant Solution.


The Edit:01 interior screens by Kaynemaile offer an elegant solution for dividing and defining interior spaces while providing transparency and airflow.


The benefits:

Kaynemaile Modular screens are easy to install

Simple and easy installation

The Edit:01 interior screens are incredibly lightweight and easy to install. Each screen can be installed by one person with minimal equipment and fixings.

Kaynemaile Modular Screens are Functional and Beautiful

Functional and beautiful

The Edit:01 interior screens can create functional areas which are more intimate and private while maintaining an open plan atmosphere with visual transparency. Use them to section off part of a room or use multiple screens to create two separate spaces within a larger area.

Kaynemaile Modular Screens maintain high airflow

Maintain high airflow

Our mesh gives approximately 80% airflow through the open structure of the rings. It won’t interfere with heating or cooling systems, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout a space.

Unbeatable Strength and Fire Resistance

Unbeatable strength and fire resistance

Kaynemaile mesh is made from the highest performing thermoplastic. It is extremely robust and impact resistant. It has also been through numerous fire testing and achieves the highest Group 1S rating in the AS/ISO 9705 room test. The material is rated self-extinguishing.

Kaynemaile Modular Screens include a 10-year warranty

We offer a 2-year warranty

The Edit:01 limited edition interior screens by Kaynemaile have a 2-year standard warranty.