The Edit:01 limited edition interior screens come with a simple installation process.


Installation process


Step One:

Select the final screen location ensuring the fixing material is suitable for the weight of the screen.

Screen Weights:
2.4m — 7.7kg
2.7m — 8.6kg
3.0m — 9.5kg


Step Two:

Select the appropriate ceiling hooks for your fixing material. We’ve provided timber & plaster board / dry-wall ceiling hooks.


Step Three:

Fix ceiling hooks in place at a spacing to match the screen fixing eyes. This is typically 700mm.

The screen is 1,000mm wide and will be centered on the hooks so note that it will extend out from each hook 150mm so ensure there are no walls etc in the way.


Step Four:

Hang screen and ensure level — adjust ceiling hooks by winding in or out to correct level if necessary.

If you don’t have a level, we use the ‘measure’ app on iphone or android.


Step Five:

Ensure mesh is sitting flat and even from top to bottom.

If any creases or irregularities are present in the mesh, tap the mesh with the back of your hand, broom handle or similar. This will ‘settle’ the mesh rings back into their correct alignment, resulting in a uniform pattern across the screen.


Step Six:

Trim to height

Your screen will come supplied at either 2,400mm, 2,700mm or 3,000mm in height. Should you wish to shorten the screen to better suit your space, this can be done by cutting and removing each ring one at a time with standard garden secateurs, making sure you keep on the same row.



Kaynemaile screens are easy to clean. To remove a build-up of dust, clean using the following methods:

  • Vacuum, brush or wipe with a damp cloth and dishwashing detergent

  • Rinse with water if heavily soiled

  • Avoid abrasives, wax, alkaline or silicon cleaning materials

For best results we recommend dusting monthly and cleaning with a damp cloth 6 monthly or as required.

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