A Unique Innovation.

Kaynemaile architectural mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation. Made with the highest grade Makrolon® polycarbonate it has over 60-years of polycarbonate material science and research to call on — we know our mesh inside out. We've undertaken extensive laboratory and field tests to ensure the product works and we keep testing it every day.


So, what is it?

Yes, it's chain mail

Yep, It’s Chain Mail:

Chain mail was the earliest form of metal amour worn by soldiers during the Middle Ages.  Small metal rings were joined together to look like a cloth, then used to protect the body from injury when fighting.

Fast forward a few centuries and we’ve re-developed metal chain mail into a lightweight polycarbonate armour protecting occupants in architecture and design.

Kaynemaile mesh is inspired by Lord of The Rings

Inspired by the Movies:

Kaynemaile’s inception was on the film set of The Lord of The Rings trilogy where Kayne Horsham worked as an artistic director for the Creatures, Armour and Weapons department. Kayne produced a polypropylene version for the movies to cut down on weight - but also looked the part.

The name ‘Kayne’s-mail’ was given to the mesh Horsham produced by Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn), and the name stuck!

Kaynemaile from movies and fashion to architecture and interior design

From the Movies to the World of Architecture & Design:

Long after the LoTR films had finished, Horsham had a continued interest in chain mail and reducing its inherent weakness - the link in the ring. After a lot of trial and error, Horsham patented a liquid-state assembly process to produce the mesh - a world first.

Kaynemaile is now created from engineering grade polycarbonate. The mesh is made via a nil-waste process and is fully recyclable.

Kaynemaile mesh is durable and strong

Strong yet Lightweight & Durable:

Kaynemaile is extremely robust and scratch resistant. One ring can take around 50kgs which accumulates with the more rings in a screen. The larger the screen, the stronger it is. Kaynemaile mesh is also super lightweight - weighing just 3kg per meter square. The mesh doesn’t suffer movement fatigue and the colours are built-in so won’t fade or rub-off. It truly is a wonder product!