Behind the Design

Behind the design of the Kaynemaile Simple Screens

Kaynemaile is a highly collaborative company. Most of our clients come to us with an idea in mind that they would like to realise. Often this results in a lot of prototyping and testing before settling on a finished design. We noticed that a number of clients didn’t require this level of collaboration. They simply wanted a screen to divide or define an interior space. They were not working with a big team of architects or designers and had smaller budgets. We developed The Edit:01 interior screens to meet the needs of these customers.

The Edit:01 by Kaynemaile is an off the shelf range of hanging screens that can be installed by anyone with minimal equipment. We wanted to make installation as pain-free as possible so designed screens with a top track already installed. All that is required is for two screws to be installed in the ceiling to hang the screen from.

We chose our most popular colours of Water Clear, Obsidian Black and Bronze so the range will work with a wide array of interior design styles. All screens are 1 metre (3’3”) wide with the idea being that you can place 2 or 3 side by side to cover larger areas or stagger them to create more depth. Each colour screen is available in lengths of either 2.4 metres (7’10”), 2.7 metres (8’10”) or 3 metres (9’10”). This enables the screens to work with most ceiling heights. They can be easily trimmed if shortening is required.

It’s as simple and easy as that!